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Tatiana Raducanu (Italy) - Miss Diaspora 2010

Events - Luni, 16 August 2010


Tatiana Raducanu (Italy) - Miss Diaspora 2010

This year, Miss Diaspora 2010 Trophy went to Italy. Tatiana Raducanu, one of three representatives of Italy in the Miss Diaspora 2010 contest, managed to convince the jury that she deserves the title of the most beautiful Romanian established abroad.

The 23 girls from the 17 Romanian communities from across the border had to pass a series of tests: country-dance contest, a contest of skills (of which Pippi Longstocking and her teddy bear and painting "on water" couldn’t miss) and a parade of evening dresses. For the first time, the contestants had to present in 30 seconds the test "project for Romania", meaning designing and "building" a project meant to make our country known in the regions they live.

Thus, viewers were able to learn that Romania should have a magazine distributed all over the world, promoting our country,
teams of volunteers should be organized to do a general cleaning on the streets, in Romania, there should be built homes and shelters for “a more beautiful old age“, and also the practical idea of establishing more consulates, that seems to concern a lot the Romanian community in Italy. There were also some funny ideas for the establishment of "business technology incubators" or radio frequency identification for the Romanians abroad.

She wants to clear the poor image of Romanians in Italy
After debates, the jury awarded a special prize to Gianina Carmen Leana, while the contestants have granted themselves a prize to the Turkish representative, Selina Imre.

Miss USA, Oana Borcoman, received the third prize, while Diana Botnaru got the second prize (she also received the title "Miss
Paradiso" and a diamond ring, and she is going to be the image of Paradiso Centre for a year).

The Winner of "Miss Diaspora" 2010 Trophy was granted to Tatiana Raducanu, from Italy.

"My dream is to improve the image of the Romanian community in Italy, seriously affected in recent years because of some minor
events which have been excessively presented in the Italian media. Romanians in Italy are working hard and I want them to be appreciated for their true value"
, declared Tatiana Raducanu on www.missdiaspora.ro website, at the beginning of the contest.


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